MAKE FOOD – introduced by Angela Clutton

As a professional cook, food-writer, recipe-developer and cooking demonstrator every bit of my
work is focussed on trying to get people more hands-on with what they cook and eat. It’s all about
having fun with the simple pleasure that making and sharing food brings, and maybe learning
something new at the same time. That is the philosophy at the very heart of the food classes and
demonstrations happening every day at MAKE FOOD.

So then – come on. What is it you fancy having a crack at food-wise? Making your own bacon?
Some bread? Pickles, perhaps, or cheese? Or maybe your own bespoke gin crafted to your palate?
At MAKE FOOD we have all of those and so much more.

On pickles we have Kylee Newton of award-winning Newton and Pott. Teaching us how to make
bacon we have Masterchef winner Dhruv Baker. Guiding us through using herbs and flowers in our
baking is Henrietta Inman. We have ‘Guardian’ regulars Felicity Cloake (showing us the way with
bread) and Rachel Roddy (Italian cooking, of course – what else). Then there is Steven Lamb of
River Cottage fame getting us going with making cheeses. And that is barely scratching the surface
what we have going on.

I feel like I’m introducing you to the players of a band. That’s what they are in a way. A band of
exceptionally talented cooking-virtuosos who have answered the MAKEMORE call. It is a unique
line-up of food makers who are coming together to inspire us all to get stuck in, try something new,
and learn cooking skills for life.

I am so proud and excited to have gathered this band together and be working with them. I hope
you’ll come and join in the food fun.



Angela Clutton is a freelance food writer and food historian and co-Chair of the Guild of Food Writers. We are delighted to have Angela curating MAKE FOOD, sharing her immense passion and knowledge to deliver fresh demos and workshops on modern cooking.

Twitter: @angela_clutton

Instagram: @angela_clutton

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