Pajaki Pompom Making – Karolina Merska featuring in the Yodomo Dome

Hackney based Polish artist Karolina Merska’s studio is an absolute treasure trove. Packed to the brim with dazzlingly bright chandeliers known as pajaki, a traditional Polish folk art, it’s impossible to not feel good in here. The atmosphere is on par with a non-prescribed natural high.

Conjured from something as ordinary as paper and rye straw, Karolina transforms these materials into sculptural art with little more than a pair of scissors.

Whilst the construction may be beautifully executed, Karolina’s pajaki are completely playful in nature. A delicate breeze in her studio sends these creations swaying, their geometric shapes mesmerising us with their display of colour.

Certain artists have a lightness and joyfulness to their work – Matisse with his cut-outs, Picasso with his ceramics. There’s a serious undeniable attention to detail, but also an exuberant appreciation for one’s life to be filled with colour, vibrancy and organized chaos.

“In Poland, pajaki were only made by elderly women. I found pajaki amazing and I just wanted to bring this memory and tradition back and revitalize it” Karolina says. Now everyone can have a chance to channel their inner pompom artist.

Come and get hand’s on with Karolina making pajaki pompoms inside the Yodomo Dome.





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