In the studio with WhelansWeaving


Sitting behind a massive loom that looks as if it comes to life at night when no one’s around is textile designer and weaver Claire Whelan.

Out of her South-East London studio in Deptford at Cockpit Arts, she magically weaves an array of gorgeous creations that include bespoke cashmere scarves, vibrant throws, stunning hangings, coveted cushions and most recently rugs.

“I was first introduced to the loom at college and it was love at first sight. It’s very meditative, once you’ve done all the maths, the design, setup and you’re on your own weaving, it’s a very relaxing process for me,” she tells us.

With a highly developed understanding of materials, dyeing and hand-weaving techniques, Claire brings wonderfully rich combinations of pattern and colour to each piece she creates.

This August, Claire will be at the festival with her incredible antique loom named “Massive Mary”. A rare immersive experience, festival goers will have the chance to see the loom out in the wild and get hands-on!

Claire will be demonstrating her craft as part of a live interactive art installation – from designing to mathematically creating the pattern, threading the yarn through the loom and hand-weaving the final product.


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